Rock Raiders Tasks

Date 19/3/1999

Rob Wilson e Path destruction. Change to rubble. DONE e Lasers on vehicles Which vehicles ? % Day e Escape animations for creatures. 2 Days e Path continuity code for power lines to buildings. DONE e ‘No Power’ symbol for buildings. DONE e Rock Monster stamp/smash down animation on paths (see above) DONE e Mobile teleporter should be self powered. DONE e Air supply for mini-figures. If there are more than ten mini-figures per barracks, the air supply will diminish until it runs out, everyone DIES! ‘2 Day e Upgrade(/Repair?) building. Also mini-figure upgrade. 2 Day e Crystal refinery doesn’t eject refined crystals. Stores them to power buildings along paths. e Maximum of 10 crystals returned for a destroyed crystal refinery. 1 Hour e Selection box ‘corners’ around objects. 1 Hour e Power level/recharge scenes for crystal refinery/teleport pads. 2 Day Paul Bell e ‘Pusher’ code. e Floor and wall smoke effect for laser hit Graphics ? ‘2 day e Path de-selection menu Graphics ? 1 hour e Health bar horizontal. 2 day e Pop up a ‘-1’ symbol when object is damaged. ‘2 day e Various panels for map rotation/tilt building rotation etc. DONE subject to available graphics e Buffer ‘teleport new mini-figure’ clicks. DONE e Docks - Small Cat teleports down to water entrance. DONE Karl White e Use text print for objective instead of static graphic. 2 Day e Reward screen showing statistics for the level. Crystals found/energy used etc. Text only - 1 Day e Continue tutorials ONGOING Andy Ray e Disable ALT-TAB and stop emails from disrupting game SuperTone e Stabilise NERPS 2 Days e Do tutorial levels ONGOING

e Look at InstallShield / PCInstall 2 Days