Alan McDairmant 13/08/99

Rock Raiders

PSX Version REPORT 2

Testing 13/08/99

Second session to replay updated levels 1-3 and play new easy and medium levels.

Red ink italic notes are points that seem most important to me.


Fine now. No problems now, works well with new graphical style.

LEVEL 2 Waterways - EDITED

Suggest replacing 1 or 2 scorpions with Spiders so that the player gets a feel for variety in game early on.

Only problem is the size of the level. It seems pretty large compared to 1. A quick fix would be to place the teleport nearer the water edge so that at the time crucial point at level end the player can easily find the teleport and not have to go that extra distance.

LEVEL 3 Rescue Mission - EDITED

Fine. Great level.

LEVEL 4 Ores Some

Too many spiders. | would remove 2 and add 1 non-firing scorpion.

Took me a while to figure out how to build the helicopter Am | a thicko?

| suggest a 6-minute time limit on this level.

LEVEL 26 Blown Away

Far too hard for this early in the game. A solution would be adding more dynamite and health pick-ups or moving another level back. Be careful to avoid a level with a rock monster, as this should be saved for the Boss on Easy.

LEVEL 32 Crystal Crazy

Nice level. The timer should be as tight as possible.

When spider runs over teleporter it disappeared underneath it.

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Alan McDairmant 13/08/99

LEVEL 28 Spiders Nest

Time of 3.30 is too short. Add 30 seconds?

Web graphic would appear small but have full size collision.

The above comment made getting the Bulldozer stuck more annoying. At one point | had to restart because it would not even let my RR out of his vehicle.

LEVEL 6 High Flyer

Fine. Should stay in mid section

May be best to move the health pick up to square on water before building pad rather than after.

LEVEL ? Rapid Rush

Fine. Should stay in mid section

Completed with just under 20 secs to spare. Best left as is to allow time to get the red crystals for bonus points.

Pity the scorpions do not fire at you.

When | reached gem with 20 secs to spare the Rock Whale was already there and circling around the gem making it hard and annoying to get it. Is this bad or good?


Same problems as before. Will Rock Monsters have sounds? They are scary but more sound would make them have much more of an impact.



| realise that many of these comments are not feasible at this stage. So please do not hate me.

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