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e Polio Vial Breaks on Plane Here

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FRIDAY. MAY 25, 1956

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Vial of Live

Polio Virus Breaks on Plane Here

Crew. Loaders Get Protective Shots on Advice

Of Dr. Jonas Salk |

‘A vial of live polio virus was broken while being loaded aboard a plane last night at National Airport and leaked its deadly con- tents into a forward baggage.

compartment for 33 min-)

utes before the leak was

spotted. | The leaking bottle was dis-| overed when the plane, a Capi-! al Airlines DC4, landed in’ Baltimore shortly before 7 p. m. | after a ferry flight from Wash- | ington. The plane, which carried no! passengers to Baltimore, was) grounded at 8:13 p. m. in Pitts- burgh. The pilot, co-pilot,! hostess and anyone who could ave handied the carton con- ainine the broken virus vial ere rounded up and given pro- ective shots of gamma globu- lin and Salk polio vaccine. Spokesmen for the airline said no passengers were en- dangered, although 22 passen-| gers boarded the plane when t took off from Baltimore's Tiendship Airport as Flight} 74 bound for Pittsburgh. | The plane and its load of

passengers had already taken)9:39 p

On Transit

| Exposed to a broken vial of live police

virus, Joseph Shipley, 18, ef 3535 Alton erer, Capital

Despite Bullets

$200 Holdup Thwarted at pant OPES

A gurman’s efforts to hold Hot Shoppes Pantry House


Set Monday

By Richard L. Lyons Staf Reporter House and Senate District!

transit conferees will meet at) m. Monday to try to) "¥P

off from Baltimore for Pitts-|settle wide differences on their were thwarted last night when

burgh by the time it was deter-|pijis to assure transit service) a courageous assistant manager |

mined at Friendship Airport -that the leaking carton con-| tained live polio virus.

The plane was grounded for decontamination on the advice of Dr. Jonas E. Salk, developer of the famed vaccine, who also warned airlines physicians to administer immunizing shots to anyone who might have had personal contact with the car- ton containing the virus.

Dr. Ludwig Lederer, Capital Airlines physician, was called to Nationa) Airport to admin- ister the shots to seven men who loaded the consignment of virus aboard the plane to be delivered to Johns Hopkins University doctors awaiting it at Friendship.

The virus was packed in 17 cartons, each containing four almost quart-size vials of liquid and was “definitely live,” Dr. Lederer said

The consignment, weighing 400 pounds, was flown to Wash- ington from Detroit and trans-’ ferred to the Baltimore plane

after Aug. 14. chased the holdvpv man on foot, The meeting om set very hea braved two shots and frightened five Senate conferees he wo ,. ; inconclusive meetings yester- him discarding $200 he day to discuss - Washington had sto'en. banker Daniel W.Bell’s plan for; Seville M. Caligure, 39, of Capital Transit Co. to buy out 1653 Hervard st. nw., a cashier its controlling stockholder. at the store, 1621 H st.’ nw. Rell hac mono e A as a pos- told police the bandit entered sible conference compromise the store after it had closed, that CTC’s dying franchise be showed her a black gun and restored (as the House bill pro-|grabbed a steel box with $200 vides) and that Bell be given|in it after warning her, “Shut until Aug. 14, the franchise ex-|your mouth.” piration date, to make his plan The assistant manager, Earl work. If he couldn't swing it, Gunzer, 25, saw the holdup a standby public authority man as he began to leave the would take over and run transit store. Gunzer, despite two shots (as the Senate bill provides). | fired by the gunman, chased the Two of the Senate conferees man up Connecticut ave. to K —Sen. Pat McNamara (D-Mich.) st. to the Statler Hotel where and Sen. Wayne Morse (D-Ore.) the man discarded the box and took a firm stand at the|continued his escape. | closed meetings against restor-| Police broadcast a lookout ing a franchise to Capital Tran-'for a white man, 25 to 35 years sit under any conditions. old, 5 feet 5, 135 pounds, with The District Commissioners a black mustache. and Public Utilities Commis-| sion threw cold water on the

place nw., is inoculated by Dr. Ludwig Led-


ill Pentagon Issues Document


| Housing B 4 Is Passed By Senate

as Ve ee Pe a * on

By John

35 1e | 39,400-Hon - Another document staking out claims for a greater role

Plan Is Rejected , » tis = for the Army in ground-sup- For 135.000 Units port aviation—one of the dis-

puted areas of military roles Yearly for 4 Years and missions—was issued yes- terday at the Pentagon. | Summarizing an Army five- ‘year expansion plan now pend-

United Press yore _'ing before the Joint Chiefs of The Senate, rejecting Pres- cow ine paper was officially

ident Eisenhower's more CON-| released by the Defense De- ‘servative program, passed a partment unlike others ‘bill vesterdav authorizing eaked earlier to newsmen . TR. which blew up a storm over construction of 135,000 pub- interservice “feuding.” lic housing units a year for| The paper calls for enlarg- the next four vears. ing the scope and size of the te ee sharp inewetnt Army’s organic aviation in . GO ~- «hese respects: over the 35,000 units the Presi-| et cajls for Army develop- dent requested for each of the ment of ‘new-type airplanes to next two years. track new missiles capable of The bill was approved by pertanay fee Seyend <n cee ; : * \bat zone now assigned to Army ivoice vote after the Senate had eee

By Dayton Moore

G. Norris , )

Stal Reporter

aviation. Last year the Army requested funds for an initial order of 10 jet planes for the purpose, and Defense Secre-| tary Charles E. Wilson compro-| mised the dispute by per- mitting them to borrow three Air Force planes for tests.

© It asserts an Army conten-) tion that organic Army fixed- wing planes and helicopters carry assault troops and recon-| naissance forces not only be- hind the battle lines but into enemy territory. An experimen- tal “Sky Cav” unit along these lines was tested in Louisiana maneuvers last fall under Air Force protest that it infringed on an Air Force mission.

© It stated an Army require- ment for procurement for troop and cargo carrying planes of

twice the weight presently al-|

See DEFENSE, Page 146, Col. 1

x $ voted down Mr. Eisenhower's public housing program. Administration spokesmen said the President's plan would provide “about as many public

housing units as can be prac-

To Head Army ically constructed.” . aie ibe 2 is | In J ordan

But Democrats assailed the Administration measure as a|' AMMAN. Jordan, May 24—A “weak, do-it-yourself” plan that British-schooled Arab Legion ‘would not even house families officer who was “exiled” to an dispossessed by slum clearance attache post in France for op- projects, let alone provide other posing Britain’s Lt. Gen. Sir public housing. John Glubb as Legion com- | Living costs continued their; The Democratic-backed meas-'mander today got the top job ‘slow climb in April, the Gov-'ure now goes to'the House, himself.

‘ernment reported yesterday, up which has consistently slashed Lt. Col. Ali Abu 0.2 per cent over March. The the Senate figure in the past. was appointed Legion boost will give a cent-an-hour Last year the Senate also voted mander in succession to Brig pay increase in June to one mil- for 135,000 units but the figure Gen. Radi Innab, the man who lion workers under agreements was cut to 45,000 in the final succeeded Glubb in March. tied to the price index. -|bill sent to the White House. jnnab, who is over 60, resigned

A seasonal gain of 0.6 per Mr. Eisenhower listed hous- a | and a cent in food prices accounted jing legislation yesterday among *"° ** ©*PE& to Frewre. for the rise. the Labor Depart- priority measures he is eager The new commander led the ment’s Bureau of Labor Statis- to see enacted before the cur-'small group of young Legion ihe as aia s as Congress “> officers. known as the Free Offi-

eau 0 S! ; efore final action on the . i ‘Clague forecast further food bill, the Senate beat down, 41 to °°'S Group, who persuaded cost rises over the’ summer!3g8 an effort to substitute the King Hussein to dismiss Glubb. large enough to offset possible President's two-year, 35,000- (The, Associated Press said cuts in car and appliance ynits-a-year plan. Nuwar, who was promoted to prices. | Jt also defeated. 44 to 32. an--™ajor general, is considered

The second straight monthly other, Administration amend-|4 StTong advocate of placing rise put the consumer price| ment that would have required Jordan and Egyptian forces un- index at 114.9 per cent of aver-'cities to have a “workable”|%¢T 4 joint command.) ‘age prices during 1947-49. slum clearance program before) {9 London, United Press

The pay increase will g0\they could get Federal sub- quoted Glubb as saying “It ‘mostly to workers in auto, air-| sidies for public housing. was ner. noticable that (Nowar) craft and farm equipment in-| It accepted by voice vote an “* pro-Egyptian when | was \dustries. At the first June pay amendment to extend the vet- there, but he may nent period, Ford, Chrysler and Gen- erans housing loan program for changed Israeli sources in eral Motors workers will also a year before its present ex- Jerusalem said Nowar is the pick up an addition 6 cents an piration date of July, 1957. (leader of a pro-Egypt faction hour productivity hike or 2.5 per h ieee bent on deposing the King.| cent, whichever is greater. Other Provisions Before today’s appointment,

Besides food, housing, medi-| In addition to public housing, Nuwar said in an interview that

By Jim McNamara. Staf! Photographer

Airlines physician, last night.


Living Costs ‘Continue To Increase

By Bernard D. Nossiter Bia Reporter


Nuwar, 33, com-


have |

cal and personal ¢are and read-

the Senate-approved bill con--Glubb had been “the worst

U.S. Officers

Army Outlines Claims (¢4 Bid for For Greater Air Role |

Aviation Day Fete June 24

Proffer Revealed

After Report Staff Heads May Inspect Red Armed Forces

By Chalmers M. Roberts Staf! Reporter

The Eisenhower Adminis- tration is on the point of agreeing, it appeared last night, to the first postwar ex- change of visits by top-rank- ing American and Russian military leaders.

But the Administration re- mains opposed to accepting pointed Soviet hints for an in-

Foe of Glubb [Joint NATO

Policy Asked By Adenauer


COLOGNE, West Germany, May 24—Chancellor Konrad Adenauer said last night “it makes no sense” for the West to align its military policies to- ward Russia without equal co- ordination of Western foreign policies.

The 80-year-old West German leader made an impromptu speech at a banquet here in which he called the world situ- ation the “trickiest for seven

years.” A recording of the speech will be broadcast by all West German radio stations to- night.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization will fall apart, he said, unless it found a means of coordinating the foreign pol- icies pursued by its 15 member nations.

“It makes no sense to build) a military confederation against one opponent without coordi- nating policy toward him,” Ade- nauer declared. “Without such coordination of foreign policy, the military confederation will not hold together either.”

Adenauer also sharply crit- icized the policies of Finance Minister Ludwig Erhard and Finance Minister Fritz Schaef- fer, and tonight the three met for nearly five hours in an extraordinary Cabinet session amid Erhard and


vitation to its political leaders, ‘Premier Nikolai Bulganin and ‘Communist Party Leader Ni- kita Khrushchev, to visit the ‘United States—at least until ‘after the November election.

This came to light yesterday in the wake of a report that the Russians had invited the Amer- ican Joint Chiefs of Staff to in- spect the Soviet armed forces.

The one hard fact to emerge from a somewhat confused sit- uation here was a Russian Em- bassy statement that Marshal Vasily Sokolsky, Soviet Army Chief of Staff, Wad invited United States Air Force Chief of Staff Nathan F. Twining “to send a delegation of two or three high-level officers of the United States Air Force to the celebration of Aviation Day in the Soviet Union” on June 24.

But both Pentagon and State Department officials said pri- vately that they understood the invitation was to Twining him- self to come and bring some aides.

At the White House. Assist. ant Press Secretary Murray Snyder said, when first asked about the report of an invita. tion to al] four American Joint Chiefs, that “there has been no invitation.” Later. however, after making some checks with Adm. Arthur W. Radford, Joint Chiefs chairman, and others, Snyder said that since last

uly’s Summit conference “there have been informal dis- cussions about high officials of our Government visiting Rus- sia.”

He refused to say who was in- volved in these talks. But,

See VISIT, Page 18, Col. 1

Today’s Index J

Schaeffer might soon resign. The Chancellor reviewéd the He emphasized that Jordan various European political prob-

" . pace amewt S05 = Hungary to Raise ing and recreation prices also tains these other major pro- cand” Anglo-Jordan under- Page Page

Lederer said. He Padded the Bell compromise proposal at. 43

‘increased from March to April. visions: Alsons Horoscope

shipper was the Parke Davis #2" afternoon session when their

Co. in Detroit. advice was asked.

Spokesmen for the airline’ said the pilot, Capt. Edward A. Tappe, 407 St. Laurence @r., Silver Spring: the co-pilot, R. S. Hurley of Arlington, and host- ess, Miss B. A. Miller of Alex- andria, weie inoculated after’ the plane landed in Pittsburgh.

The Capital Airlines ramp. © ; agents ‘who were given protec-"sround for compromise.

tive shots at National Airport last night were Harry Craw- ford, Thurman Harlowe, Joseph Shipley and Richard Bunch, all of Washington; Gerald Cum- mings and H S. Taylor, Alex- andria, and John Gygax, Springfield.

Airlines spokesmen said the -~carton containing the broken) vial was dropped while being loaded here.

Some of the Senate and Pay, Kase Laws

House conferees have indicated | Reuters

they felt the Bell plan might | LONDON, May 24—The

serve as a basis for agreement |tiynyarian government has de-

although many points would|cided to modify the penal code,

= lb chlo cage © ym Re ‘raise minimum wages in some

Cc! ver, industries and _ shorten

that he expected a long confer-| working week in others,

nce and wasn’t yet able to Me | ucial Hungarian news agen- ©'cy reported.

sees the Bell plan as a move to; From June 1, the working

“bail out Wolfson. , iweek in some branches of the The Commissioners reported: chemical and metallurgical in-

ly ss that i |dustries would be shortened to

view the bell pian aS jUSt'42 hours, and, in some cases

another idea that has no more | to 36. for (bah reasons.

substance at this point than/wodification of the penal

other proposals they have re-icode would mean that some

“rr a dain th junlawful acts egies, -

cNamara said aite Cigarded as crimes wou meeting that he would go along | idered as simple infringe-

'consi See TRANSIT, Page 25, Col. 5'inents of the law.

os —— = -

Defense Motion Made ‘Late’

Juvenile Court Upheld in Admitting Newsmen During Paternity Hearing

The Municipal Court of Ap-|ruled the father of a child born’ granted Hassler the right to

peals yesterday upheld Juvenile Court Judge Edith H. Cockrill in her denial of a motion last February to bar newsmen from:

a paternity hearing in her court.)

But the appellate opinion

clearly affirmed the rights of

parties to a paternity suit and ‘of the to bar the general ." public, and implied that news- men may be luded in term “general public.” The case ne a” a . Hassler, , a esman, “Massachusetts ave. nw., who was


the| hampered presentation of his

out of wedlock. The mother make such a motion.

once was a hostess at an officers’ service club here.

In his appeal Cockrill’s decision, Hassler al- leged a major error in her re- fusal to grant his motion to exclude the general public and

“any newspaper people present” from the hearing. He said it

after the heari | Whether in


cifically in the opinion. However,

took no issue

defense. of Hassler’s motion

Chief Judge Leo A. Rover, “any

who wrote the appellate opinion,|o that the District’ Code rate”


the appellate court

with the wording spl else ne le,” ng that “this request came too

| In the food group, pork chops,, A new mortgage-insurance ham and bacon led other meat! program to provide private rises, poultry milk and eggs! housing for elderly persons as were cheaper, and fruits and) well as a program of 15,000 pub- vegetables were mostly higher?) lic housing units annually over The Bureau also reported|the next five years for older

take-home pay of factory work-| persons. ers slipped 31 cents a week last! °® Extension and liberaliza- The averages, how- tion of the home-repair loan

with three dependents and’ ing existing homes. The ceiling $64.61 for a worker with no de-'on home-repair loans insured pendents set an all-time April) by the Federal Housing Admin- high. Both figures were up istration would be increased ($2.70 over a year ago. from $2500 to $3500, with, the While food prices rose over repayment period extended the Nation, they showed no from the present three to five change in Washington. Sub- years. ‘stantial boosts in meat, pota- °® A $3 billion increase in toes and fruits were matched mortgage insurance authority by cheaper tomatoes, dairy for the FHA. products and eggs. The Wash- ©® An increase from $1.3 bil- ington food index was 110.0 per lion to $3 billion in the total of cent of the 1947-49 average, 1.3 military housing mortgages per cent below April, 1955. ‘which may be insured by FHA.


don't forget

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However, the appellate court! 1 Want Ads NOW

‘ruled that Hassler waived his| rights in- this instance by not’ from, Judge) seanme. the mates watt ne classified sections of The Washington uding the gen- ‘eral public, members of the press also would have been barred was not dealt with spe-

. . « in the big Saturday and Sunday

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wanted to retain her close ties lems and added: “From the with Britain and he dismisse@*American viewpoint, this conti- any suggestion that Jordan nent makes anything but a would abrogate the Anglo-Jor- pleasant and firm impression. dan Treaty. He noted that a “But we must tell the Amer- Jordan military mission had re- icans over and over again that cently turned own a “genuine America is defended in Europe. financial offer from Egypt.” It‘-is the Americans’ very own

He added: “British assistance cause to see that the Free has been given to us for many World at last becomes united.” years, and there is no reason Adenauer warned the West why we should not continue to to watch with great care the accept it. We do not want new moves of the Communist Egypt or anyone else to come world “which at bottom is our into our country.” mortal enemy.”


Action Being Taken Now


Women's .63-67

——— ae a a

Ike Warns Reds ‘Improper Pressure’ On Refugees in U. S$. Will Be Blocked

,United States intends to con-;to return behind the Iron Cur- President Eisenhower warned {tinue firmly to adhere to and, ‘in.

Russia and her satellites yes-'yphold this principle.” The Communist bloc was

terday that the United States) The White House said the warned that it is “United States

; : ‘sl , licy that an r in this is takihg action to block “im--United States “has already coon hi including pbb oan

| proper pressure” exerted in at-\taken steps which make clear have sought asylum here, shall ‘tempts to lure Iron Curtain jts determination to extend the have 4 free choice to le@ve the ‘refugees back to their home- ful! protection of American|United States (and) it is also lands. laws to ali aliens residing the right of this Government | The warning came in a White here.” to satisfy itself through its re- ‘House statement issued with} The statement charged the sponsible agencies that the in- the Chief Executive's approval. |Soviet government and its sat- dividual is leaving this country The statement declared the /ellites in Eastern Europe with only of his own free will. United States “is takinz action|“activity . . . to induce the re-| The White rouse said that against instances of improper turn of those who have fledithe Communist governments and irregular pressure by offi-/{rom Communist oppression'have employed “repatriation cials of foreign governments'and to sow fear and dissension commitiees, proclamations by seeking to influence. persons|among those who chose to re- the various governments of am- who have sought asylum in this' main in the West.” mesties for citizens who have country. It said that the Communists escaped, and personal contact The official warning empha-|were using “any means at hand on part of official Soviet bloc sized that “the right of asylum|—such as alleged appeals from |. resentatives abroad” in an is one of the treasured tradi-|relatives” in their campaign to effort to induce refugees to tions. of free peoples. Theiattempt to persuade refugees back behind the Iron Curtain.

A 4 % as

P 5 Pape a

International News Service



THE WASHINGTON POST and TIMES HERALD rm Pe ae ; as aid a a a : i gel Her n=" BE ~ em Roach Heads Harriman Drive * a al 7 eal NEW YORK, May 24 —Wil- qualified men in the party and in the administrative posts

: ° . > ee ‘cae 5 3. ; ; ; a ma . - 3 KS 4 Pe © % " ] Fire _ | win BI ast J ae Ms ae Pde a oe liam Neale Roach, former more experienced than othersithe Federal Government.” © al a a —- a . ea Democratic National Conven-) - ——— —— _

tion manager, starts work to- day for a New York group

® ad ho =~ . Sieg ; 4 booming Gov. Averell Harri-|/ { Ketauver in Florida |--(@aa\e 1 MMI \won tot te bemccrae yen oe eee fee dential nomination. Hi} i \ ey A fs The head of the wnofficial| iii

By Edward T. Folliard petition between Stevenson,'The attack regarding old-age fe = ~\group, Geérge Backer, said Staff! Reporter fand Kefauver for the “old pensions was first made in Cal- | —_— [Sie 7. lyesterday that Roach will be WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., folks” vote, which is highly im- pied pr ol oa resents coms . j . ae » “#3 i Sie: a salaried member of the staff. —_ ‘Ke- oe Ss mi ; 5 1 arm Ses May 24 The Stevenson Ke- | ,o-tant here in Florida and in of fact and the gross distortion | | er, Ve Backer, a friend of Harriman fauver battle for the Demo 'csiitornia. in its implications 7 ‘= | @ |and former president and edi- cr+.ic presidential nomination) 4 handshaki . = ~~ ~—_—sC[ tor of the New York Post, said: ve | ter a day of handshaking Explains Why He Vetoed a . SMBs eee “Roach’s business will more 0 ee ae pth tone met b ‘in Miami, Stevenson flew to “I had assumed that Sen. Ke ae ‘. } a or less entail finding out what ai Stevenson, anger si te pen. Ke- z Cy 9 charges aimed at him’ b Sen.| West Palm Beach, where at @ fauver would repudiate. these a4 4 —— is_in oe ee Estes Kafauver, fired back at|rally in Flagler Park he de- false charges and demand that) - ; «Se ee sad teaming a teens He h'm twice tonight. He reminded |clared the Senator had made 5/s supporters stop circulating | i we. * Thas had broad experience in the Tennessee lawmaker that “false charges” against him in om * terial ie (alia | ee lithe convention field and can ere was such a ng as' , : : Now the same material is —° . amount of “wanting to be President too nator Es" aucune re being used in Florida, and the| ¥ Py. -_ 5 jdo Us an enormous much,” and suggested obliquely * Senator himself is repeating " ' , en that in that his rival was “unworthy”|\crted” his record as Gover-'the charge that I vetoed an in- . | se hea. & ener his teh will | be to “ta of that high office. nor of Illinois. crease in old-age benefits in II- i with interested people anc Stevenson was aroused by| He called on Kefauver “not linois. < | acquaint them with the fine two things—Kefauver’s charge'to play politics ‘with human “He knows very well that I ) qualities of the Governor. We Hy} trat he had put the Democratic | jives.” vetoed a bill passed by a Re- : i haven't worked out the details.|/) Party in a “dubious position”) Florida abounds with elder. publican legislature because! &” tins I just got in today.” ;| by acting as attorney for the ly men and women, many ofthe legislature refused to pro- Roach was asked how Harri-|ji Radio Corporation of goo ine whom have come from the|vide funds to make the pay- Associated Freee /man compares with Adlai E.//ii in an anti-trust action ore '|North to live here in retire-| ments it authorized and the bill . ° > ( . tes. Ke- the Supreme Court, and an ment. and both Stevenson and/| would, therefore, have been a Presideritial Presentation arate Feng: —_ or gions carlier charge that he had, as'Kefauver have been wooing |fraud on those it purported to! aigning for the nomination. Governo’ of Illinois, vetoed ajihem ardently in their battle | assist.” The American Legion’s Robert L. Hague Maritime Award is |” He replied: “Again I say egies —— nee pensions | for the state’s 28 convention presented Sen, John Marshall Butler (R-Md.) by a smiling (perriman is among the most “He Te Gren Again” 2 oes Tuesday's pres- President Eisenhower yesterday. The award was for the ‘iden primary. |

Stevenson then went on to! - « , Apropos Kefauver’s charge p hlet Circulated recite what he had done for e}-' Senator's “outstanding ye sab oe legisation Hil that his work for RCA had amphiet Circulate derly citizens while he was Gov-| Which has triggered the gigantic s pbuilding program. @ | : forced him to remain silent; The Kefauver people have ernor. -~ Donohue Hits i Khe Mi Ty,

about the trend toward bigibeen circulating a pamphlet; He said old-age pensions

: business in the Eisenhower Ad-| in California and Florida’were increased 18 per cent. . Hi ministration, Stevenson said in|charging that Stevenson, while within three months after his e CES CeXas rire At Stevenson Ht Pure silk is whexeelled in elegance:

a statement: ‘Covernor, vetoed .a bill in- inauguration: that in ‘his ad- our fine silk suite make their wearers

“I must say that he (Kefau-|creasing the old-age pension in| ministration $128 million more | HI ' is in.” inoi | : HiT ] roud. Nature has endowed ver) is wrong again. ‘Illinois. Yesterday Kefayver|was spent on such’ pensions Q ‘Ss . P? B - T d On Race Issue | justly prow '

: ti OCctda asts O ay H| these fine silks with a c-0-0-] feel even

LS ~

= OO OO eee ee

Tells of Pension Gains

have never represented |himself made the charge in a than in the previous Republican the Radio Corporation of | speech. Administration; that all limits! Hi on the hottest days. Dress up in real America in an anti-trust suit} Conceivably the old folks’|were removed on the amount! By Earl’ Mazo H\ luxury; look cool, feel cool all sum- brought by the Government. It|vote could determine the out-|of medical assistance to. pen- OREM Hey ric ag | mer. was a private suit between|come of the Florida primary |sioners, and that Illinois during} President Eisenhower plans)will be telecast at 5 p.m. by| MIAMI, May 24—Sen. Estes) iii) $05 RCA and the Zenith Company.|and also the much more impor-'his administration established |to meet with some of his Texas) WRC-TV. (Channel 4). Record- Kefauver’s campaign manager |jj/) 95

“The Senator's continued/tant primary in California a'the Nation’s first hospital to | friends and cupporters when he | vont —— Sree WRC O06 made a speech today that it

false charges remind me that! week later. study geriatrics. ts | Hill there is such a thing as want-| With that in mind, Steven-' “This record,” Stevenson | “!*!*s the Lone Star State to- kilocycles) and at 10:30 p. m.|caused the race issue to boil Hi Hickey-Freeman Imported Silk Suits, ing to be President too much.|/son tonight called the Ten-|said, “sustains the pledge ]|44y—but only on an “informal by WMAL (630 kec.).] ‘up anew in Florida’s Democrat- | |iii/ . $160 to $170 The Senator seems to be con-|nessan to account in these|made in my inaugural address|and social” basis. | Acting Presidential Press ic Presidential primary. Wi fronted with the dilemma of! words: as Governor of Illinois when 1} A White Houre spokesman Secretary Murray Snyder 48 F. Joseph (Jiggs) Donohue |jiij tiie how to win without proving| “I regret very much that Sen.|said that I would never play gave this word yesterday when dicated details of the meeting told a luncheon of the Miami//} Agents for Cavanagh Hats and Bronzini Neckwear that he is unworthy of win-|Kefauver has chosen to per-'politics with human lives. ]/| asked about the likelihood, dis- were not very definite. Young Democrats, an all-white HII ning.” |sonally repeat distortions of my| would urge Sen. Kefauver to closed earlier, that Mr. Eisen-| The White House said Mr.|organization, that three of thei There has been strong com-jrecord as Governor of Illinois.}adopt that principle.” /hower would confer with some Eisenhower will leave by plane |12 National Convention delega- |Texas political figures before for a weekend at his Gettys-|gates pledged to Adlai Steven- | * * * jeaving Waco. He is going there burg, Pa., farm immediately on son elected in Washington on ‘to make a speech and receive his return from Waco. ‘May 1 are Negroes. He also 1409 H STREET

. al > an . . . . . . . . s * >. . * . . lan h d from Bay-| Snyder said he did not k id that an adverti t in|} Kefauver Calls Adlai Tool of Bosses, Bates" °°" ener ie Pansat deua'ee thet Washington Atresamert| fl Est, 1875

[The President's speech will turn from Gettysburg, but ad-|can, a Negro newspaper, ° be telecast live at 1 p. m. by ded the Chief Executive will| brought about Stevenson's vic- Attacks i ork as Cor or tl a ler WTOP-TV (Channel 9). A kine- be in Washinton next Tuesday |tory over Sen. Kefauver in the

y p a | on awy el scope recording of the speech and Wednesday. Washington primary. Donohue produced a copy of

By Robert C. Albright jeratic Congressmen for “gang-\c\arge today Kefauver said he Si Ga Saseaae to" Banas . :

Stat Reporter Ing up against me” in faver of was sure the six Florida Con- d 9 j os Stevenson is more dedicated to § a _TAMPA, Fla., May 24—Estes'the former Illinois Governor. |gressmen would not have “suc- An rews aX pposition the Negro cause than Sen. Ke-| 7 * eng or redee fb men} "Adlai Rep. Robert Sikes (D) of cumbed” if they had known fauver. eS . ; Crestview, Fla. is Stevenson Stevenson as Governor on July He said he was doing it be-| |

Stevenson, attacking him as a | iene 4 corporaven lawyer, tnd ‘the sate campaign manager. Six|2, 1051, ase approved what «| D@DIOPEM DY Humphrey yey Ser M| | several Hor model itical mi , termed the “shame” bill open- as well, & Stevenson | manservant of political “bosses” other Florida Democratic Con- oli Open-| o/ supporter, had “opened the|) . of the famous in this state. | HM te fact ing for public curiosity the| rm * , | ee Using a familiar Kefauver ~shasae agg es " Byron names of recipients of old age | International News Service aling. Coawen hed, soak” Goma! de ae “er ep. Faull. Hodgers o festiand blind pensions.” | Treasury Secretary George; “I want to see taxes reduced /*"5- | eee . laste Idwi a cocoa Semmaen ii oe Palm Beach—have formally an-| “The people of Florida are|M. rent poe yorry ener las much as anybody.) . eT ag he ao an Wedanekee ba} Acrosonic ro pe er: 9 : ; nterna ev-! assee eee - : maining “strangely silent on|nounced oe Se. See mel oy political methods” cave Couhelenionet T. Coleman ! know of no way we can raise/an editorial from a Richmond,|| Pianos Baldwin Pianos, the 1 any pe | Baten vw of them announced Wednesday. |..i4 the Senator. “They are per-/Andrews f0F oo. |the money we need .,. without|Va., newspaper to bolster his|( | Acrosonic and 4 FE wan pee os At Mulberry, Fla., late today |fectly canable of analyzing facts suggestin g Soa ‘an income tax.” contention that Stevenson is a) = Baldwin Organs es er wa grest'kefauver indorsed a contro- and making up their own minds. elimination of | The Treasury Secretary’s first moderate while Sen. Kefauver| 77 = , nt Stevenson's silence|¥ersial pamphlet. _ this basis : feel I will have | income me ‘public criticism of his former Og a pene for the Negro) © re vrs new loeb a a The ‘- ., their approval.” and declar et. ; "ge . . now « farity with the (monol ty) oa —.. —— said! Keiauver’s choice of subjects|that the budg- @ “yg Subordinate was made at a Na-| Donohue read to his Miami! 79) 4 ee nee 0 te the old people themselves, 'California presidential primary year will _ Ss # |iwhen he was asked to comment|8TO newspaper advertisement! —7) - Company. Some qedet ence at Tampa's Plant Park to- ¢p, h the National Institut » ry | yess | ; a ig - Pragrat” night al rall ationa’ snstitute | June 5, as well as this state’s|justify a tax #4 7% \on Andrews’ anti-tax proposals|Which claimed Stevenson as) 5” ee aad of Social Welfare”—the old age showdown between the two reduction. “esl Be (since leaving office last Dec. 1,|Governor of Illinois had called) |) py gm auaherges RCA Case Cited pension group which has i0- Democrats, on May 29. Old age| He said “it "eee | Humphrey said that “public OUt the National Guard “to| © 7” ft taser os @ arene. x’ © dorsed Kefauver. pensions and civil rights could is unfortunate” oie continues after term of Protect the Negro population”) [mm gt meheanon dak.

Piero end Electronic Organ Seles

“Just last year he was ¢m-| «7 don’t blame him (Steven- age . | ' \s be the turnstile i j . / ee cucn of kane Radlo | son) for calling it scurrilous lit-' states peteanaatietens. ct yt ng oe Andrews c -| , nl? : P ig = ease in the Suse A eg ng gg poser I) In singling out Stevenson for | lector questioning the fairness| Reiterating a statement! r crying. attac’. on the “growing monop-\of the income levy at a time Wednesday by President Eisen-

Court of t Ini tates Ty) jo | , we cake . jm ee —— be 7 = me oy tells the bg oly” issu:, Kefauver did not al-|when so many Americans are hower, Humphrey said the an- ' brought by the United States.” | agen ag e de (Lude to the fact that Stevenson paying “their fair share” of ticipated $1.8billion budget h id h sal wea © charge he mace went almost as far as the Tenn-| Government through it. surplus would not make a. tax ig nce lly Phere Wednesday that Stevenson, ON lessean in deploring “the trend| Humphrey added: “There are cut worthwhile.

ee ae eee roaalias Gey Ay 1951, vege an toward bigness” in industry, in|lots of ways we can improve! Instead, Humphrey added, s & any weurt, |0 per com in assistance to his joint “debate” with the Sen-\it, but elimination is another “It is high time to start reduc- but that Stevenson was titular |the aged and blind of Illinois.| stor in Miami Monday night. | thing ing our huge debt.”

<3 —_— =_ a

office” and called the Andrews| 0 Cicero, Iil., during aie

‘statements “unfortunate.” iL NE SES TOES. aie wa Be wr

leader of the Democratic Party | (In reply, Stevenson on Wednes-


EE _

at cm wae gh ee his RCA see aee had said that state pay- Boa Fa a al Rina stated maa ca cate ane a eee er “placed himself and the Par-|ments to the aged actually rose | eeeeenesmmmee | 6) )/ —_—_ ty in a d.abious position.” 18 per cent during his term as OUIS & DAN BROWN, LTD.—OPEN TODAY AND SATURDAY 9 TO 6

This once lackadaisical presi-| Governor. He accused Kefauver dential primary campaign ‘Supporters of distributing “scur- started getting rough yesterday |rilous” literature about his rec- one ec iu striking = ord as Governor.) S , . traditional underdog position,| Concentrating on the “boss” s vb. ) traditional underdog position ummer suits that give you up even more today.

He hurled the “bossism” charge during his first stop this

e morning, in a grove at Kissim- mee in central Elorida. He re- peated it as his soundtruck-led | , motor bus proceeded to the | *

Florida West Coast. é “Ganging Up” Hit a

Charging Stevenson in effect

was the tool of a strong state political machine, Kefauver hit } at six of Florida's seven Demo- 4 0 4 er e

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